Shlomo - Biography

Leeds based beatbox artist Shlomo became internationally recognised after his work with Icelandic superstar Bjiork was nominated for a Grammy. Shlomo’s beats were then used as the theme to the Athens Olympics, with the Opening Ceremony performance reaching an estimated audience of 4.5 billion worldwide.

Shlomo’s ground breaking solo show features his remarkable ability to create all manner of music using nothing but his mouth and a microphone. Note-perfect renditions of crowd favourites are followed by his own original material, which he performs using a loop sampler to create layer upon layer of vocals. The solo show’s finale ends with Shlomo sitting at the drum kit to perform beatboxing, looping and drumming all at the same time.

This show has taken him to many major festivals, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, and was first performed at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2006. As a result Shlomo was invited to be an Artist in Residence at the South Bank Centre. Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra is his first major project there.

Shlomo - Biography

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