Years Of The Modern

‘Silver Spire’ by Years of the Modern is their newest track about love. It’s a heavy feeling some people hide away from, while some people continuously show up for you instead of ever saying it directly. When we meet people that we love – it starts to feel like they were designed to be in our lives because we couldn’t imagine our world without them. We love them so much that they are the destination; wherever they are is where we want to be, so we would go anywhere to see them. Lyrically, this is a song that is relatable. You don’t need to know the exact circumstances surrounding the writing, because it could be applied to so many different situations and people in your life. Instrumentally, the song is catchy and memorable. It has a sing-along vibe.

Years of the Modern was spawned by their mutual love of 80s post-punk and new wave. The sound of synthesizers and chorused guitars. They try to blur the line of the aforementioned inspirations with newer sounds and styles to create a sound of their own. Equal parts synth-pop, indie rock, dream pop, post-punk, new wave and alternative. Catchy songs that are relatable and stick with you. Songs that make you want to feel all the feelings.

Years of the Modern say that bands like the Cure, Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen and Depeche Mode all brought the idea of doing something a little darker, yet familiar. Songs that if they didn’t make you dance that they’d at the very least make you bop your head. 

A lot of the band’s songs were written instrumentally by guitarist Jason Edonel and keyboardist Lauren Leprich while being in various lockdowns during this time of Covid-19. They would then bring them to vocalist Amanda Lyn Parker who would write the lyrics and melody while also shaping the structure as a team. Other times, Amanda would write songs instrumentally and lyrically and bring them to practice,

where Jason and Lauren would then help with the flourishes and other ideas. And then there are also songs that just come organically as the 3 of them would hang out and write together.

Even though it is unclear when, the band will definitely release a full album in the future. Currently, they are in the process of recording singles.

The band says, ‘We appreciate every single listen, like, comment and message from all the amazing people who have shown interest. A huge thanks to all those that supported us and pushed us and believed in us when we were birthing this project. Love to them all’.

Listen to ‘Silver Spire’ on Spotify.

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