Lindsley Brothers - Simpler Times

Raised in Virginia, Trey and Jon have always had a good sense of music. They wrote and produced music inspired by the journey of life after years of practice and hard work. With this, they have also formed an acoustic funk duo named The Lindsley Brothers.

From 2016 to 2019, The Lindsley Brothers set down some musical roots in California after pursuing college. Currently, they are based in Texas and have released a few singles about childhood and simpler times. They feel that music is all about sharing change and putting some of that out into the world.

Their latest single, ‘Simpler Times,’ is about capturing the feeling of looking back at certain moments in your life. The song ends with the question, “They were simpler times but were they better then?“.

The Lindsley Brothers share, “This lyric was to show that there is hope that can be found today. Though it may not be simpler, we can strive for a better future“. This song encourages looking back to your past to grow into the future. Additionally, the verses give a glimpse of childhood experiences.

‘Simpler Times’ is arranged with the styles of funk, pop, and rock in mind. There is a fun variance in the harmonies and beats. They change throughout the song if you listen closely.

Listen to The Lindsley Brothers’ ‘Simpler Times’ on YouTube and Spotify.

Lindsley Brothers - Simpler Times

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