Skylr's "Omission" Is A Rollercoaster Of Sound Waves

SKYLR is a multi-instrumentalist who creates and produces soundscapes that cross pollinate a multitude of genres. He masterfully uses violin, guitar, keys, and MPC Renaissance as main instruments. He produces various musical styles which range from French EDM, Jazz, and Hip Hop to alternative vibes. Each track is both unique as well as organic.

As an artist and a producer he’s obsessed with real samples from live instruments as opposed to playing them on the keyboard – but he’s no stranger to that either. A lot of the samples that are used in his tracks are recorded by himself. He works this part of his magic on his MPC to mix them into the songs. 

SKYLR’s debut single “Omission” feat. Bryan Williams is a track that features jazzy guitar vibes with a smooth beat, paired alongside waves of a synth that soothes the ears with every passing second. The song pulls and pushes you from beginning to end –  easy listening but unforgettable. Whether you’re walking down the street or relaxing on the beach this… track fits effortlessly into your playlist.


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