Slip-N-Slide Records Sign Their Latest Talent, Wes Fif

Wes Fif has teamed up with the record label that has produced Gold and Platinum plaques for Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and Trina, Slip-N-Slide Records. Wes Fif whom is already signed to the independent label Clientell Music Group (CMG) enters the joint venture with Slip-N-Slide to continue the labels trend of blowing up sizzling Florida talent.

The 22-year-old Orlando resident is a breath of fresh air to those who look down on Orlando’s hip-hop background. Arguably the cities hardest working artist, he released two mixtapes with two of Florida’s biggest DJ’s, Billy “Bigga” Rankin (Direct Connect Real Nigga Radio) and DJ Smallz (Dead Presidents). He is also featured on Atlantic Records recording artist B.O.B.’s single “Haterz”, which is currently receiving 300 spins on radio weekly. He was also showcased in XXL’s April edition of Show & Prove and was nominated for an Ozone Award (Florida Patiently Waiting).

Wes Fif"Being a Florida cat, Slip-N-Slide has always been in the forefront of our music scene, and continues to do so today. I think it was kind of common sense on both sides. I'm the hottest indie nigga in the streets. They're the hottest label with direct access to mainstream, it’s a no brainer. I'm going to continue doing what I do, making hot music”, said Wes Fif. “Me, Dawgman, and my team CMG are going to continue to flood the streets. Ted, Jullian, and the whole staff down there gone do they thing, put that muscle behind it, and soon the whole country gone be on some 'get money' shit. Orlando is officially on the map".

For Slip-N-Slide, they enter 2008 with a bright year ahead. With new albums coming from Rick Ross, Plies, Trina, and now their newest signed talent Wes Fif, they can keep the baton running of finding talent in Florida, and breeding them to the mainstream.

Jullian Boothe VP of A&R at Slip-N-Slide Records states, “Ted Lucas (CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records) and I keep our ears to street looking for all the up and coming acts. Making sure nothing slips past us. We know how to take artist who wants to work hard and turn them into Superstars. 2008 is going to be even bigger with a new roster of rookies breaking down the door into the lime light. We've been here for 12 years and we'll be here until we decide to quit and move to Caribbean! So stay tune and watch history in the making!”

Currently, there is not a date for Wes Fif’s debut album “Get Money Guidelines”, but he currently is pushing the street single “Like Me” and should have his official single released to the public in December. To hold fans over for the album he also plans to re-release his “Dead Presidents” mixtape late November, fittingly with a new title, “Dead Presidents Reloaded”.

An enthusiastic Wes also says, "I'm just strapped in and ready to go brah, locked and loaded. My immediate team that has been by my side all along is ready, just gone get in this lab cook up some fire. Get this single out and work the streets, be as visible as possible. Ain’t nothing changed, just the machine is stronger".

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