Smodt is a rapper / producer from Teesside in the North East of England, now living in London. He was raised on countless genres, from Acid to Metal and everything in between, and found his introduction into creating music through his father.

The two would perform at local open mics, with Smodt covering percussion, over a period of five years. This led to Smodt being a drummer in a local Rap / Rock band for about half a year, during which time they managed to play a few gigs, headline a local festival and almost get signed, but this venture inevitably fell through during the second national UK lockdown.

Smodt found his love for Rap during the open mic days, this quickly evolved into a distant dream of being a rapper and in turn a strong passion to see this dream become a reality. Smodt studied Music Tech in college and continued self-taught once he graduated, going on to dedicating the years around the lockdowns to learning his DAW, developing a deeper understanding of music production, writing, rapping, creating and in general becoming the artist he always dreamt of being.

He decided to move from his hometown to London, with an aim to get into industry and make a name for himself and alone, from his tiny, overpriced, student flat he created and released his first five singles.

Now more able than ever he is looking to make the next big move, releasing his debut EP “Out From The Pillars Of Smoke“, a real taste of what the artist and the North East have to offer.


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