Big Dave - Smoke Out

Big Dave is a hip hop artist from Ontario, Canada. He is mostly known for his intricate bars and aggressive delivery, but he is very versatile and can turn it up for the party or be melodic. Dave has been making music for about 10 years and has performed at multiple venues in Peterborough, Ontario.

Smoke Out‘ is an energetic hip hop song with high energy. It will definitely pump you up during a workout and is a great song to listen to while driving. This fun track can put anyone in a good mood.

A songwriting process for the artist starts by choosing an instrumental to use. He says, ‘I use either the one that I have made myself or one that has been leased from another producer. When I decide which instrumental to use, I will listen to it on repeat and freestyle some melodies or flows until I come up with something I like. Then, I will write lyrics based on the ideas that I came up with while freestyling’.

The artist’s musical influences are Eminem, Biggie Smalls and Big L. He is currently listening to Machine Gun Kelly’s new album ‘Tickets to my Downfall’.

Big Dave thinks that social media is very important for an artist. He says, ‘My fans can find out when my songs are coming out, give me feedback so I can improve with each new song, and show their support. Thank you for listening and giving me a chance!’

Listen to ‘Smoke Out’ on YouTube.

Big Dave - Smoke Out

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