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Snazz-D, is the best MC in Africa and most people already know this. But for those that don’t, coming out of Cape-Town’s worst ghetto, Cape Flats, a star is born… Relocating to Mitchell’s Plein and many other hoods helped Snazz to be a more well known artist, because he was known in every hood around.

Snazz gets around more than 2Pac! He is known to be seen anywhere & anytime. Just like Ready-D, Snazz left CPT. to pursue a more professional career, in the place where the entertainment business is paying… Jozi. After landing there, Snazz quickly established himself as the leader of the new Hip-Hop movement and eventually landed a spot as the host MC for the first Hip-Hop scene to set it all off… LeClub.

Snazz-D held it down in champion form and polished his MC and hosting skills to a level unsurpassed by anyone from that time, until now! Snazz basically brought Hip-Hop to Jozi, from CPT., just like Ready-D did as a DJ.

Snazz-DNow in Jozi, Snazz worked his way through a few crews who could not elevate his level, but all the same, kept him at the forefront of the movement, until he came up with another wonderful Brainchild… Cashless Society (along with X-Amount & Crismo-D) began a never ending search & quest for true Hip-Hop, from an African perspective…

From their initial onslaught Cashless has taken over underground and above ground Hip-Hop and have set a standard that it is said has still has not been equalled in African Hip-Hop as a whole. Alongside, Skwatta Kamp, Cashless Society is easily the most well-known Hip-Hop Group in Africa!

Snazz-D is still the most well known solo artist, from his coverage in the Source Magazine in America, to his European fame from his UK trips, even from Germany where Snazz was living on his world travels.
Today, Snazz and The Ca$hless Family (now including Criniq-X, the newest member) stay in touch with their fans worldwide through the internet and maintain strong ties with all of Africa, first and foremost!… Still CA$HLESS!

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