Jezy - A Good Day

Jezmar McBean, a.k.a. Jezy, is a clean rapper from Ontario, Canada. He dropped his first EP, Second Chance, back in September 2020. Afterward, he signed a two-year music distribution deal in Korea. Jezy describes his music as “authentic” because his sound and style are different.

Jezy grew up listening to southern rap, which then had some influence on his work. Some of his musical influences include Gucci Mane, T.I., Lil Jon, and Lil Scrappy. As a clean rapper, Jezy wants to collaborate with someone who shares the same principles as him, which means that fans can expect no swear words with Jezy’s music anytime soon.

His single, ‘A Good Day,’ is Jezy’s favorite song from his eight-track EP. It’s about having a good day and spreading positive vibes. Jezy shares, “With all the negative going on around the world, I believe that this is the song everyone should start their day off with to ensure positive reinforcement“. Jezy believes that this song is for everyone, from kids to grandparents.

When writing a song, Jezy starts with the beat. Once he has established a good connection with the beat, he asks himself, “How does this beat make me feel?” His emotions will dictate the concept of the song, which will turn into lyrics. Jezy’s first album, Unfamiliar Territory, is set to release around the summer of 2021.

Listen to Jezy’s ‘A Good Day’ on YouTube.

Jezy - Second Chance

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