Steen Drives Home Newest Single "Highway"

Canadian composer, singer, songwriter, rapper and mixing engineer Steen Blechingberg is getting his musical motivations from Beck, Josh Homme, Diplo, and Kanye West. Utilising production techniques from a wide range of genres and gathering inspiration from Canada’s eclectic and diverse culture, Steen’s music bears a unique characteristic found nowhere else. His sound varies from song to song but in general it’s thought provoking, experimental, and progressive.

Steen’s latest future-hit single “Highway” is a relationship centric song about having a hard time keeping up with a party-going girlfriend who wants to live the fast life. However, you can feel via the production that he’s simply looking for something more stable and concrete. At its core it is about a difference in fundamental relationship values, with a little bit of girls gone wild vibes. The song blends acoustic and synthetic production by Steen with himself on the melodic vocals along with the rapping. It has a strong vibe and people can relate to a story about a partner who won’t grow up out of their younger party years. For anyone who has been there, you can feel the track’s array of emotions already.


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