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As we know it, the UK Music Industry is going through the greatest transition we have ever witnessed. Success finally surrounds a wide scale of UK Artists, from Grime acts to experimental Pop acts and from those just reaching a hand out into the music world. It is therefore no wonder that the likes of Sterling “Simeon” swagga are “delivering a sound which is the currency of music”.

Born October 5th 1987 and raised in South West London, at the age of seventeen, Sterling realised how much he wanted to pursue a career as a music artist.

Sterling’s story is about a young man from the UK capital that understands about grinding and striving to reach your pinnacle. Although Sterling’s material is built around money, females, worldwide events, society, and childhood memories his music still displays his different approach to delivering his messages.

It was towards the end of secondary school when Sterling discovered his flow and natural way to piece words together eloquently and effectively. He started off as a Grime MC having being influenced by local artists such as So Solid Crew, and Oxide & Neutrino, then followed the path by releasing his first solo project back in 2006 titled “Exceeding Expectations”.

Sterling experienced a lot as an up and coming artist whilst in the Hip Hop group ‘Lyrically Scar’d’. From ciphering in every possible situation to rocking a crowd at Plan B in Brixton, Sterling managed to develop his skills, confidence, and take his swagga to a whole new level. From a career move in which Sterling left Lyrically Scar’d came “Supreme Block” being formed with his cousin AJ aka A-Star and again became the rebirth of a truly remarkable UK artist.

Sterling Official

His official mixtape series will cover his come up and everything in which he feels he shall face in the future, however making it relevant to what he believes every other guy or girl in a similar position faces. A young business man full of ambition, passion, motivation, and a natural desire to succeed; Sterling finished university with his heart set on pushing his music alongside with his company ‘Still Ballin’ Entertainment’ (formerly known as Supreme Block Entertainment) to the prominence of the UK music industry.

Sterling’s unique focused flow, witty way with his word play, distinctive voice, and carefully crafted concepts allows him to fully reach out to a wide demographic that relates to all in which he is saying.

Underground Promotion UKCurrently Sterling is working on his first official mixtape that will showcase his strengths, putting him in a position that will allow his audience to really understand where he is coming from.

By: Danielle Fear
For British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

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