X-Shai - Real

Ernest Abitih who is known by his stage name X-Shai is an artist, singer, songwriter and designer. Born in Ghana, X-Shai decided to follow his dreams as an artist and moved to the United States (New York). X- Shai started writing songs in January 2017 and recorded his first song “Never Loose” within the same month. When X-Shai is not writing or recording, he enjoys travelling, outdoor activities, and reading. X-Shai takes great pride in the fact that he does not smoke or drink. He feels that this way of living is beneficial toward living a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

Real‘ by X-Shai is a song about being your true self in this life because there are more than enough fake people already. It is a catchy and upbeat track, with a great message behind the lyrics.

Usually, the inspiration for songwriting just hits the artist out of nowhere, and he rushes to the studio to record it. His producer is RawHeatz, and they are planning to release an album later this year.

X-Shai’s musical influences include Eminem, Akon and French Montana. He is currently listening to DaBaby and Migos.

The artist thinks that connecting with his fans on social media is important because that way he can reach them all over the world. He says, ‘My fans give me life every day by listening to my music, and I love them all‘.

Listen to X-Shai’s music on  Spotify and SoundCloud.


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