Swingle Singers - Biography

The Swingle Singers is a vocal group formed in 1962 in Paris, by jazz singer, and Quincy Jones collaborator Ward Swingle. They have won 5 Grammy Awards, performing and recording complicated and technically impressive vocal covers ranging from popular favourites to classical music and opera.

One of their biggest hits was Bach’s Air On The G String, recorded with the Modern Jazz Quartet. Luciano Berio wrote his Sinfonia for Eight Voices and Orchestra specifically with them in mind. In 2005, their recording of Bach’s Prelude in F Minor was incorporated into a hit single by Jem Griffiths.

Swingle Singers - BiographyThe group currently comprises four women and four men, who tour the world constantly, performing often with a full orchestra at jazz and classical music festivals.

‘We are determined to challenge the boundaries of a-cappella music worldwide’, says Tobias Hig, who sings bass in the Swingle Singers and is co-directing the choir with Shlomo. ‘Taking part in the world’s first human beatbox choir marks the first step in a new direction for us’.

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