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Born and raised in Brooklyn New York Tah Mac began his career in the mid 90’s as a co-producer, educating himself on how to program drums on a song, and later accomplishing the mastery of learning to finish a record. He expressed his talent and experience in production as early as age 15, working with a team of well-known hiphop leaders of our time, and learned to create his own signature sound.

Through this musical medium, Tah has created a force unstoppable leading to his knowledge and experience in the music industry today. Tah Mac grew up listening to hip-hop legends such as: Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Tribe Called Quest, Nice and Smooth, and Eric B & Rakim whose lyrical influence changed the way he perceived music as a whole. Deeply impacted through their sound and leadership, Tah decided to quit his college education early on, to further his love for music, with an objective to become a prominent staple in musical history.

Coming into the world as a new producer, Tah dealt with a few challenges. He found himself stuck in the middle of mastering a sound in making music, to orchestrating the written content behind what made the music sound so great. In this internal conflicting feeling, Tah began composing and writing music, in addition to production. Little did he know, that he would one day write music of his own. Because at the time, Tah was known for producing and co-writing for various artists he worked with. As he continued to build his producer discography, Tah soon learned to separate himself from the musical environment in which he was raised. In doing so, he took a great deal of risks, eventually resulting in moving his project to uncharted waters, overseas a series of years later.

Tah MacUpon leaving his college dreams behind for music, Atlanta, GA is where Tah began to lay his groundwork as a producer for six years, before thinking outside of the box and taking his production to London, U.K. His expectations with Europe, were to further his knowledge, and re-create his musical profile. He wanted to accomplish something that very few American producers do, which is to travel overseas to lay a foundation. It was through his travel abroad, that Tah Mac was able to understand how to embrace a global sound. And by embrace ‘global sound’ he means, create something with an ability to penetrate through various demographics, and introduce his musical journey to the world, as a new sound in world music.

In just as little as five years of travel back and forth to England, Tah Mac produced music for an array of signed and unsigned talent in the U.K., some of which have become stars today. London is where he developed his individuality, and learned to cross cultivate different genres of music, and find his voice. In this fundamental process, Tah began to test the waters of his own artistry. After producing a few number one, charted records with recognition to the talent, rather than the mechanics behind the record, he felt a need to exceed his ‘label’ as a producer and writer. After this realisation, Tah followed his heart and created a way to make his message more impacting. In this, he invented something more personal for the world. Tah Mac designed a brand new project, and this time, he is the star of the story. His intention as a new artist is to carry a musical legacy, which he feels adopted him as a youth. And now, he’s ready to share his talent and his magic with the world.

Having cut his teeth with the legendary hip hop outfit, The Def Squad featuring Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman, Jamal, Malik and Da Rockwilder, Tah Mac produced some of the most phenomenal tracks of all time, helping build the Def Squad brand into a staple fixture in hip hop culture.

With a decade of experience under his belt, Tah knows how to create the very best music with top quality artists. Not one to be pigeon holed, Tah has worked with diverse array of talent including Jo Jo, Javine, Ciara, Onyx, Leona Lewis, Redman, Aretha Franklin and The Charlatans. Often describing his music as a ‘global sound’, Tah has finally crafted a sound that is uniquely his own.

Tah Mac

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