Palmboy - Sophie

Palmboy is a Florida native living in New York City. He’s an artist that takes music influences from genres like grunge rock, alternative/indie, and hip-hop. He makes songs with infectious hooks that you can’t get out of your head.

He has produced for artists such as Mothica, Lenii, Baby FuzZ, and Julietta. Now, he has finally decided that it was time to have a project of his own, in which he could write about his fuck ups, heartbreaks, and thoughts. With writing, he starts with a concept, a word, a phrase, or an idea. Then, he messes around with different chord progressions and melodies.

His latest single, ‘Sophie‘, is an alternative-pop record that sucks you in with a driving bassline, only to explode into an immersive chorus with an infectious melody. Palmboy shares, “‘Sophie’ is more than a lyric. ‘Sophie’ symbolizes someone we’ve all encountered in our lives at one point or another. They take and take but give nothing in return“.

Palmboy believes that we’ve all met a “Sophie” at some point in our lives. He says, “There’s something incredibly cathartic about taking that pain and disappointment and confronting it head-on. Life is too short to let those feelings build up and cause us more pain“. Fans of Palmboy should expect a handful of singles to come out in the next few months.

Listen to Palmboy’s ‘Sophie’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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