Teflon Coalition (Tef-Coalition) hail from the over crowded and always testing government housing units across the West of the capital. The group was formed when the three friends realised they all shared the same dream back in the late nineties (98/99), at the time there were other potential members of the Coalition but over the coming years only three full time members remained.

At the turn of the century British Hip Hop seemed to have revived itself with originality which in turn encouraged the Coalition to work with some underground producers, that’s when the Tef name began to filter through the underground scene, around this time Tef-Co’s label (Zero Tolerance Productions) started to take shape followed by a business deal in 2004, hence the birth of Black Pearl Ent which saw Tef-Co/ BPE draft in a few professionals to elevate their label to new frontiers.

Tef-CoAlthough Big Fize, Blaze-I and Trojah, (the founding fathers of the Coalition) were raised in the UK the Group have maintained a link with their family heritage and have strong views of today’s ever changing society. Tef’s musical influences range from African/ Arabic music to Motown Soul/ Jazz/ Reggae and Hip-Hop. They have a distinctively unique rapping style, skilfully bringing their own ideas and experiences to the urban music scene. 

The Tef-Coalition’s first official underground release was Zero Tolerance Vol-1 in early 2004 which only targeted a London fan base, supported by Choice FM’s rotation of their first underground hit (What I’ve seen). This release was followed up by another in late 2004, which had national and community radio stations (Galaxy FM/ Hot 92/ Flava FM, 1xtra, Itch FM, Juice and Choice FM),  rotating tracks like Dreams and Hectic-II, Skyrock FM (France’s biggest urban station) have also supported Tef-Co’s material.

Tef-CoTef-Co have built up a following both in the UK and Europe through their lively performances in clubs/bars and universities including (Hard Rock café in London, Man Ray in Paris and club Aura) a far reach from the early days of performing in West/ Northwest London community centres. They have also blessed many radio mics across the country on Community/ internet and commercial radio stations (Déjà vu fm, Xstreameast fm, Flava FM, Hot 92 and Riverside FM to name but a few).

Their first  single “Rumours” is enjoying plenty of airplay across the UK and even reaching Western Australia biggest Hip hop radio station, toping charts on Déjà vu fm and the video equally in demand rotating on Channel-U (No-8 Channel-U charts), MTV-Base, Rapture TV and BEN-tv. The single is out January 06. This year although in its infancy, the group have just finished recording and filming the video for their follow up single (Rebel Musik), featuring one of reggae’s greatest legends (Luciano).  2006 should see the Tef-Coalition in their rightful place among UK hip hop’s elite as they surely deserve it…


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