The A-Alikes Address Change With The Ballot Or The Bullet

Supreme Management and Guerilla Nation announce the October 30th release of A-Alikes documentary film "The Ballot or the Bullet" directed by Paul Biedrzycki. The documentary follows the NY rap group A-Alikes over the course of the three months leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election.

While each political party has built their platform on the theme of "change", regardless of who wins the presidency, A-Alikes with a scalpel and hatchet specifically address what type of change individuals want to see in America.

A-Alikes speak with figures such as Chuck D, Joy Bryant, Ilyahsah Shabazz, Rosa Clemente, M1, Umi, Melvin Gibbs, Divine from The Dey, Shadia Mansour and Immortal Technique, asking the question, "How do oppressed people gain freedom: through participation in the political system or through armed rebellion?"

"The beautiful thing about A-Alikes is that you guys are a group… We've seen a tremendous falloff of groups… Our music is reflecting the lack of continuity and collective in our community", – Chuck D.

Guerilla Nation has also teamed up with digital distributor,, to release a 4-song soundtrack, which is seamlessly integrated into the documentary and inspired from the current events laboured by their contemporaries in entertainment and activism. Lead single, "No Savior" delivers a different perspective to the current political structure, focusing more on self-empowerment versus the worship of political figures or historical icons. This idea holds evident even after our national election and throughout time.

Download "No Savior" and View "The Ballot or The Bullet" Video Trailer:

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