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Richard Reece, aged 19, aka ‘the Author’ has lived in Basingstoke all his life. He’s extremely proud of his roots and refers to Basingstoke and Winklebury, his home estate, frequently in his lyrics.

Having written songs since he was 11 years old, he has progressed through many genres of music from 2 Step, Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Grime and Hip Hop. Using home recording equipment he regularly creates new sounds, writing all his own lyrics and producing his own backing tracks. To date he has created 5 mixtapes. He has also worked with many other artists in Hampshire, assisting them with creating their sounds.

During the early summer 2007 ‘the Author’ has emerged on to the Basingstoke music scene, appearing at open mics, the Basingstoke Live Music Festival, local schools and Winklebury Carnival. He has also played several times at the open mic at The Railway in Winchester. His pinnacle performance was supporting East17 at The Academy in Basingstoke, where, according to much of the audience and local newspaper reviews, he completely outshone them. He has since been invited back to The Academy to perform again, this time as the headline act.

‘the Author’ delivers Hip Hop which has proven to appeal to a variety of age groups, ranging from school children to the older age generation. He has already built up a strong fanbase in Basingstoke.

His inspirations come from many sources, mainly life experiences. He is able to write lyrics on a wide variety of topics, perhaps his most unusual being pairing up socks! Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre, Kano and Ludacris are just a few of his many musical influences.

‘the Author’, who is currently unsigned, has been likened to a combination of Mike Skinner of The Streets and Eminem. Richard is a very talented writer and performer and is totally committed to his passion, music.

The Author

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