The Awesome Crew

Aiming to address current real-life issues, The Awesome Crew is set to raise meaningful messages for society and create awareness to bring about change. Their latest track, Everyday, aims to address the issues encompassing many inner-city black neighbourhoods, highlighting crime, poverty, and a lack of opportunity in the rawness of a classic vibe. Fans can easily find themselves connecting to the lyrics and the beat of this single, with the remix focusing on the bass and added scratching for a more classic hip-hop sound. The lyrics display the brutal reality of what is happening in everyday life, giving meaning and reflection that can provoke thought in any listener.

Whilst The Awesome Crew is rooted in hip-hop from a lyrical standpoint, they love branching out as musicians, exploring hardcore, romantic, fun, and almost comedic styles to set themselves apart in the industry. It is, therefore, no surprise that this group has a vast array of musical influences. The most principal ones include New York rappers such as Kurtis Blow, Treacherous Three, and Africa Bambaataa. Kurtis Blow, described as a bridge between R&B and rap by the group, had particular influence, although The Awesome Crew also appreciate contemporary artists Future and Kendrick Lamar as musicians they are currently listening to. The group admire the way these artists speak from the heart to capture meaning, injecting sentiment and inspiration into each of their works. When asked who they would most like to work with, the group noted Tupac and DMX as dream collaborations, influenced by the way these artists skillfully paved their own musical journeys without the aid of an incredible producer.

Usually starting with an initial idea in their songwriting process, the rest of the group members then go on to build on this, freestyling rap and organically creating a hook to keep any fan intrigued before adding a beat. Not needing music before the lyrics are created, the possibilities in music for this group is limitless. What sets this group apart from most is that they have a huge hand in creating and producing the music all by themselves, with each member having a different contribution. Whilst Daddy D and Classy D take the lead in the music as trained musicians, Smooth D takes on the vocals, whilst Nasty Nard assists with both singing and rapping. Each member has something to contribute to the band, bringing them all together to instil success into any project.

So, what can we expect to see from The Awesome Crew in the future? Whilst fans can currently check out the video accompanying Everyday now, the EP, The Secret, is scheduled for release this December for everyone to enjoy and invest in. Check out this group’s YouTube channel to stay up to date with new releases and their raw passion for music. The Awesome Crew are truly dedicated to feeding their fans with the music they can appreciate, representing the unadulterated hip-hop culture.

Listen to Everyday (Remix) today on Spotify.

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