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Production outfit The Elementz need no introduction to most UK Hip Hop fans since dropping Elementz Universe Volume 1 in 2005. Termed one of the strongest UK Hip Hop records of the year it gained massive support from DJs such as: Rodney P & Skitz, DJ Scully and DJ 279 having been championed by DJ Excalibah on BBC 1Xtra.

The lead track “High Grade – Feat. SkinnyMan” went on to be handpicked by DJ Skitz for the now legendary “Homegrown” compilation LP and still receives heavy rotation on 1Xtra, Kiss, and Itch FM today.
The ElementzKnown individually as Liati and Zoutr, The Elementz hail from Nottingham – a city steeped in Hip Hop accolade. They met as DJ’s on the thriving jungle circuit of the late 90’s, and began producing rough cuts with artists such as DJ Fever (Out Da Ville). The vinyl they bought reflected the diversity of the classic jungle sound, and while crate digging "The Meters" & "The JB’s" in search of drum breaks, they discovered something much deeper – “The Funk” was to be the catalyst that fired up their musical chemistry, giving birth to their new joint cipher “The Elementz”.

Growing up on an eclectic diet of Soul, Reggae, then Punk and Electro Pop, into Hip Hop and Hardcore, The Elementz make music that constantly evolves. Zoutr’s instrumentation skills and live music background coupled with Liati’s “throw down” production attitude and engineer’s ear make for an explosive and unpredictable sound.

Having already worked with rap legends such as ScorZayZee and Dead Prez, 2006 sees The Elementz emerge from the lab with their 2nd fully featured EP titled:  Elementz Universe Volume 2. This record sets out to break the mould of “painting by numbers” style production by blending classic Hip Hop MPC’s with less explored live drums, analogue synths, and even “belly slap” percussion. Features include Taskforce, DJ Scully, Karizma, Rukus, Blitz, Shifty Spirit and Mr 45, connecting Midlands with South, and the UK with New York. Already being rinsed on 1Xtra and Itch FM – collecting record of the week 3 weeks in a row, Elementz Universe Volume 2 promises to permanently stamp The Elementz sound on our musical landscape.

  • Discography

The Elementz – Voyage Feat. ScorZayZee (UK Duty Paid LP – Dealmaker Records)
The Elementz – Love This Sh*t Feat Robbin Hoods/Minds Of Mischief (UK Duty Paid LP – Dealmaker Records)
The Elementz – Cumulus (Instrumental) (Forecast Recordings)


The Elementz – Piper (Cut and Paste Mixtape Volume 1 Mixed by The Elementz – Dealmaker Records)
The Elementz – Born Nice Thing Baby (Cut and Paste Mixtape Volume 1 Mixed by The Elementz – Dealmaker Records)

The Elementz Present…Elementz Universe Volume 1 (Feat. SkinnyMan, Karizma, Shiva, Soldier, Wax and Empress – EU Entertainment)
The Elementz – High Grade feat. SkinnyMan (DJ Skitz Homegrown LP – Silent Sound Records)
The Elementz Feat. Big Cakes – Never Had Time (Big Cakes – Keep It Movin’ EP – Stuff Records)


The Elementz Present…Elementz Universe Volume 2 (EU Entertainment) Feat. Taskforce, DJ Skully, Rukus, Karizma, Mr 45, Blitz, MB, Shifty Spirit.

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