Ryan Byrd

Ryan Byrd is currently based in Chicago, IL. The artist just completed his album ‘Audience of One’ as a sophomore album to his 2018 ‘Ramblings’. His new album is synth-laden moody rock music that draws off influences from the 50’s rock era to the 80’s synth-era and modern day inspiration from bands like ‘The Killers’. His influences when young started with the emo-genre with Taking Back Sunday’s album ‘Tell All Your Friends’ as well as Brand New and bands like those. His music these days is an offshoot with those influences from his early years. Conceptually he writes with a lot of angst and mood, from the loss of love and hope to the existential-awe we feel from life itself.

The Feeling‘ is Ryan’s debut song from his album ‘Audience of One’. Abstractly speaking this song is about the all-too-real universal experience of the overwhelming sense of need, yet from the complexities that life holds, sometimes tragically you have to be alone. He tried to write this with as little words as possible, hoping to make each line in each verse and chorus resonate. As complex a desire can feel like, it really can be summed up so simply, and that is why the artist called this song ‘The Feeling’. It can make you feel utterly insane, and it can feel like a weight on your chest that you need to take off, but all that to say, it’s something that if you’ve lived long enough you will understand that sense of urgency.

Poetically, the artist would like to think there’s an eternal element to this connection two people have when they are lucky enough to feel that chemical draw towards the other. That connection can never be replicated towards somebody else and it will forever be theirs alone, something that special can really only be thought of as sacred and – although ephemeral and rare, once one feels it they really can’t mistake it for anything else and that’s a beautiful thing to have and to hold, even for a fleeting time.

The artist thinks his fans will relate to the feeling of longing, of needing somebody in such a deep capacity that it overwhelms you and if you lived, been around long enough – it usually seems to be that one person that you can’t shake.

Ryan’s sound is moody, nostalgic and angsty. There’s a lot of synth that he primarily wanted to be drawn from the 80’s sound which is very nostalgic for him.

The artist’s influences are bands like Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and The Killers. He would love to collaborate with Adam Lazarra from Taking Back Sunday and Seth Avett from the Avett Brothers.

Ryan gets inspired to write songs from everything. It could be a melody in his dream, or a mood he felt that day. ‘Every conceivable scenario one can think of – I’ve written a song in that manner! And I could write a book of all the possible permutations haha’.

The artist says that social media is the key to get your music out there and spread your message to a larger audience. He also sends a message to his fans: ‘Any fans and supporters out there, you’re not alone in this crazy world – you’re truly not alone!’

Listen to ‘The Feeling’ on Youtube and Spotify.

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