The Hip Hop Anniversary Tour 2008

In the early 1970’s a new musical genre was born in the neighborhoods of the South Bronx in New York. Gifted teenagers with plenty of imagination build a new musical style from spare parts: Hip-Hop, was a product of pure street-wise ingenuity by extracting rhythms and melodies from existing records and mixing with searing poetry.

From there it spread across the world, gaining more cultural significance as the years rolled by. Today, it is one of the most potent and successful musical categories of the 21th Century. This Hip Hop Anniversary tour showcases those legendary artists and enormous talents that created the genre known as Rap:

The Sugar Hill Gang scored the first and most popular Hip Hop single of all time: "Rappers Delight". "Rappers Delight" was released on Sugar Hill Records in 1979 and became one of the biggest hit records in music history, selling 60,000 units daily in 1979 and with over 8 million sold singles the Sugar Hill Gang scored the biggest selling single of all time. This truly revolutionary release is stilling selling today and remains a timeless party anthem.

Sugarhill Gang
Melle MelGrandmaster Melle Mel is the most influential and greatest MCs of all time, as a matter of fact he was the first rapper ever to call himself "MC". He is the voice of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, the group that invented the term "Hip-Hop". They are the first and only Hip-Hop group ever to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (this year).

As lead rapper and lyricist for the group, Melle Mel is singled out by music historians as the man most responsible for changing the focus in Hip-Hop music from a DJ's dominated art form to one dominated by the MCs. It has remained that way ever since. The song “The Message" became an instant classic. It was one of the first glimmers of conscientious Hip-Hop and arguably, the most important record in Hip-Hop history.

Melle Mel won three Grammys for "I Feel For You" featuring Chaka Chan and "Back On The Block" with Quincy Jones.

Kurtis BlowKurtis Blow was the the first commercially successful solo Rap artist, first rapper to sign an album deal with a major label with mainstream success; the first who received certified gold for one of the first mainstream Rap hits ("The Breaks" in 1980), the first who went on a national and international concert tour, the first rapper to record a national commercial (Sprite), the first rapper to use the sample loop, the first rapper with a music video clip (Basketball), the first Rap producer (Fat Boys, Run DMC etc. – Rap's producer of the year 1983 / 85) and the first Hip Hop millionaire.

He released 10 albums over 11 years with an endless list of hit songs.

Grand Wizard TheodoreDJ Grand Wizard Theodore is known worldwide for both the invention of the "Scratch" and the "needle drop" techniques in the late 70s without which there would be no DJ culture or Hip-Hop music as we know it today. Theodore was a member of the legendary Fantastic Five (one of the first Hip Hop crews) and played in the movie "Wildstyle" which remains the most successful Hip Hop movie of all time.

The Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow and Melle Mel are currently in the studio and record a brand new album due to released at the end of this year on Koch Records.

The entire tour will be filmed for a DVD which is due to come out at the end of 2008.

Acts On The Tour:

  • The Original Sugar Hill Gang
  • Kurtis Blow
  • Grandmaster Melle Mel (Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5)
  • DJ Grand Wizard Thedore (Creator Of The Scratch / Wildstyle)
  • + Old School Break Dance from Airforce Crew (LA)

March Tour Dates 2008:

Wed 5.03: Rome, venue: Centrale Disco
Thur 6.03 Sardinia (Italy), venue: FBI American Disco Club
Fr 7.03 Heidelberg, venue: Halle 02
Sa 8.03 Leipzig, venue: Conne Island
Su 9.03  Flensburg, venue: Roxy-Concerts
Mo 10.03  Hannover, venue: Musik Zenturm
Tue 11.03 off day/travel
Wed 12.03 Innsbruck (Au), venue: Weekender Club
Thu 13.03 Zürich, venue: Toni Molkerei
Fr 14.03 Dornbirn (Au), venue: Conrad Sohm
Sa 15.03 Berlin, venue: 2Be Club
Su 16.03 Warsaw, venue: Club Fresh
Mo 17.03 off day/travel
Tue 18.03 Malmö, venue: Inkonst
Wed 19.03 Copenhagen venue: Amager Bio
Tur 20.03 Sneek (Holland) venue: Hetbolwerk
Fr 21.03 Stuttgart tba
Sa 22.03 Marseille: venue: Cabaret Aléatoire
Su 23.03 Paris: venue: Le BATOFAR
Mo 24.03 Kerkrade (Holland) “The Ultimate Hip Hop, Funk &
Soulexperience”, venue: Bozzini
Tue 25.03 Aschaffenburg, venue: Colos Saal
Wed 26.03 Munich, venue: Backstage
Thur 27 Zagreb (Croatia), venue: Aquarius
Fr 28.03 Vienna (Au), venue: Planetarium
Sa 29.03 Cologne, venue: Stadtpark

The Hip Hop Anniversary Tour 2008

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