The Legend Tony Prince Speaks

From starting the DJ Championships event many moons ago, being a pivotal force behind the infamous Radio Luxembourg, meeting Elvis and The Beatles, to being the first to put on Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and LL Cool J in England, Tony Prince has more stories than we can fit in a hundred press releases.

“I remember the first time a DJ scratched in the DMC World DJ Championship, it was Americas DJ Cheese in 1986. To introduce the scratch technique was one of many innovations DJs have year after year brought to this event over 25 incredible years”, Tony Prince reminisces.

Tony PrinceWhen asked about the history of the DMC competition Tony Prince continued, “In this time an estimated two million DJs have entered the event in over 40 countries whilst a mere 20 DJs own the double set of Technics golden turntables which denotes their success. We’re proud at DMC that we’ve maintained a worldwide music event for this length of time. We never would have believed back in 1985 that we’d still be spinning a quarter of a century later. But then we didn’t know how the DJ would take his art to a level that now places him in the musician category”.

For context and as a footnote Tony added that, Ian Gillan of Deep Purple once said to me that DJs are parasites of music. I begged to differ then and I now have the proof he was totally wrong! A proof that has been in evidence for 25 years!”

Tony Prince interviewed at the 2007 DMCs

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