Originally from London, England, jiiP took up the piano before he had learned the fundamentals of speech. By the age of four, he had written his first song. He went on to study music composition at KU and UMKC, mastering the violin and guitar during his travels through the states. Since 2012, jiiP has performed all over NYC and has been featured alongside upcoming artists while providing production and notation for various clients around the city.

Although jiiP is a classically trained musician who incorporates live instruments and advanced composition into his own production, he also implements heavy rock and hip-hop elements in his music, resulting in a powerhouse combo of musical theory and modern culture. The amalgamation of all the genres is what makes his sound ‘alternative’. His music is influenced by a diverse range of artists like Linkin Park, Sum 41, Falling In Reverse, Lil Peep, Fall Out Boy, Senses Fail, Hans Zimmer and Tory Lanez.

Mr Doctor” is a lyrically-driven song depicting a conversation between a doctor and patient. The patient represents a dying soul who has resorted to sin due to a hard life. The doctor, on the other hand, is judgmental and does not deem the patient worthy of forgiveness. As the patient begs for redemption, the doctor informs him that it is too late to be saved now.

The artist wrote this song when he was homeless and felt broken and alone. He saw himself as the patient begging for another chance at life, but felt like all his opportunities for salvation had already been exhausted. As he suffered greatly, he also caused others to suffer in order to temporarily alleviate his own pain, hoping that he could make up for it once he was better. Everyone has suffered at some point in life- simultaneously, everyone has caused others to suffer at some point in life. The patient represents that point in life for everyone.

Eventually, he realized that if he didn’t change his ways soon, it would be too late to make amends. The doctor’s vocals in the song are performed by his best friend, MKHL, who helped rescue him from the dark void he was inhabiting. MKHL helped jiiP see that as long as he was alive, he still had a chance to be happy and achieve everything he wanted.

jiiP composes, produces, records and performs all the instruments and vocals himself. He hates mixing and mastering though, so he leaves it up to one of his teammates. Sometimes he works with a producer on a beat they created, but for the most part, he does everything besides mixing and mastering himself.

In regards to his songwriting process, the artist said: “For instrumentals, I hear the song finished in my head. I usually notate it, then record each instrument on seperate layers; it’s a quick process. As for music with lyrics, I freestyle it while recording on my phone, then edit the lyrics and melody from the freestyle”.

He loves performing in Midtown NYC since there are years of memories for him there. He also feels that the crowd there is quite unique. He is hoping to release more music and come out with a full album sometime in the future. He would love to collaborate with a talented rapper for a future song and make an instrumental rock-rap track.

Although he’s still working on establishing his social media presence, he loves interacting with his supporters because he feels that if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t know he’s good at what he’s doing. Hence, he’s grateful for any and all fans.

Listen to ‘Mr Doctor’ by jiiP on SoundCloud.

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