The vow - My Blues Tomorrow

My Blues Tomorrow‘ by The Vow is a song everyone can relate to. It is a story of a tongue-tied man who, when he gets the chance to talk to the girl he secretly loves, is unable to utter a word. Thankfully, she has the same feelings for him and retrieves the situation by doing his talking for him. The song has a bright summery feeling to it. It is a message of hope for meeting up with a lover this summer. It is a completely unique song but with nods to many great artists like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Monkees.

The Vow are influenced mainly by The Beatles and by the music and lyrics of the late, great David Bowie. The Vow’s songs are generally melodic and up-tempo but they have a dark lyrical content – transcendental, fey, melancholy and inward-looking.

All of The Vow’s songs are written by Graham Trust. He says, ‘I write on the acoustic guitar so that I know the song will hold together at any open mic night. Usually what happens is, I am strumming chords and all of a sudden, I’d think, “That’s a nice chord”. Then, I’ll sing nonsense words while I’m constructing the song, and some of these words will trigger ideas for the lyrics’.

‘My Blues Tomorrow’ is the opening track from The Vow’s forthcoming album ‘Igloo’. The album is to be called ‘Igloo’ after the name of the studio where it was recorded.

As the main tool for communicating with their fans, The Vow uses the ‘News’ feed on their website. Graham also appreciates all the support they get. ‘I will do my level best to keep on producing as much great music as I possibly can. The most important thing to me is that my songs are heard and appreciated. I am eternally grateful to the internet for making my dream come true and have fans all over the planet’.

Listen to ‘My Blues Tomorrow’ on Spotify.

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