Joshua Epithet

Joshua Epithet is a nineteen-year-old artist from Manchester, England, who’s music touches many genres, from alternative rap to bedroom pop.

They Shoot Our Horses‘ is a mellow, rhythmic lo-fi classic that features singer-songwriter Zack Teale. A song that could send anyone to their own personal nirvana, both Josh and Zack tell heart-wrenching stories in so little time. When asked what makes this song relatable to his fans, Joshua answered: ‘Devotion, I think, is a very dangerous idea. Becoming codependent to the point you cannot function without this other being is seriously scary. I feel like everyone has had that feeling at some point, whether it’s with their parents or friends or partners’.

The artist has a hard time describing his sound because he doesn’t veer in a certain direction when making the songs. He just makes the music and whatever comes out, comes out.

Joshua’s musical influences for the forthcoming album and sound in particular are Childish Gambino, Joji, Shygirl, Tyler, Frank Ocean, Tierra Whack and Phoebe Bridgers.

The artist usually picks a melody or a flow and applies what he feels to that sort of wave, because nobody wants to be the eejit who falls in the water, they wanna be on the surfboard looking sick.

Joshua would love to collaborate with Childish Gambino because of how important he was to the artist as a kid growing up, but also how unattainable that collaboration would be.

The artist says that social media is important these days but can also be toxic at times. ‘Instagram to me is like a neglectful parent, you learn things, you still have fun, but fuck if it’s not really damaging to you as a person’.

Joshua wants to thank all of his fans for their support. ‘You are all amazing, in my mind it’s hard to grasp the concept of you being real people, but the day where that kicks in will be the best day ever most likely’.

Listen to ‘They Shoot Our Horses’ on SoundCloud.

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