Dev Gajan - Things That I've Started

Early 2000s nu-metal, pop-punk, alternative rock, post-hardcore, and southern hip-hop groups inspired Dev Gajan‘s music. Growing up as a person of color, Dev found fitting in difficult. With this, he channeled his energy and creativity to make music that hits both nostalgia and something completely new.

Currently, Dev defines his sound as something between Blink 182 and Lil Wayne. He shares, “Blink 182 is probably what I spent most of my life consistently listening to, so they probably helped me find myself as an artist the most.” In addition to that, Dev also learned how to rap from the rock band Hollywood Undead. Dev recalls, “I was 10 years old on MySpace looking at new music with my cousin. Hollywood Undead impacted me heavily.”

In his authentic emo trap project entitled ‘Things That I’ve Started‘, Dev works with Mackned, Gothboiclique member and Lil Peep collaborator, and Gucciboytoy. The track has pop-punk guitars and heavy 808s mixed with auto-tuned vocals. Dev describes the song as “SoundCloud rappers turning into rock stars.”

Dev has been a fan of Gothboiclique even before working with Mackned. He says that working on ‘Things That I’ve Started’ brings back that old sound that made everyone fall in love with GBC the way he did. He adds, “This was an opportunity to work with someone I was listening to a few years ago, so I wanted to make a song that I would have wanted to listen to a few years ago.”

Listen to Dev Gajan’s ‘Things That I’ve Started’ on Spotify.

Dev Gajan

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