Thor Sigurdsson

The two biggest inspirations for Thor Sigurdsson‘s music are nature and love. He wrote his first song when he was five and he’d been writing music proficiently ever since. Grateful for his childhood, having grown up by the beach in Southern California, he spent his early days surrounded by nature: hiking, surfing, and camping.

He’s always drawn inspiration from both the good as well as the bad, which gives him a unique ability to pull on the heart strings while simultaneously cheering you up in the same listening session. As a young lad, he struggled with anxiety when he was in college but decided not to lose hope and to keep fighting through the darkest of times any way he could. He began to write, and write, and write!

He wrote about everything that was bright in his life including love, nature, and the brighter future. These songs became a focal point for him and began to fill him with a newfound sense of purpose and meaning, reigniting that spark that he was worried that he had perpetually lost. It’s his gratitude and his love for music that make him the person he is today and is what continues to drive him forward into tomorrow.

Thor’s  “Could This Be Love” is a song that about the feeling of discovering new love and watching it transform and grow. The music focuses on the internal dialogue that goes on during a new romance as it evolves into something deeper and more serious. It highlights the ups and downs of embracing the unknown, as well as the importance and empowerment associated with letting go of the past and accepting the present moment for all that it is – at the end of the day, that is all we truly have anyway.

He created a feeling of “Fragile Beauty” through the lyrics and instrumentation by combining acoustic guitar, vocals, and the cello which created tension, beauty, and fragility within the song. Fragility, vulnerability, whatever you want to call it is truly a dynamic emotion and is where some of the biggest beauties of life lie within. There can be no love without vulnerability, and no beauty without fragility.

The song displays the sensations of new love and the electric hope it brings, as well as the internal challenges one must overcome as the relationship evolves.

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