Tigga Bounce - Biography

The name Cedric L. Wright may not exactly be a household name yet, but his production skills should change that in the near future. Its his productions that have caught the attention of both Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band and world renowned mix-engineer / producer Dale ‘Rambro’ Ramsey who both co-sign him a producer on the rise to watch out for.

Not bad for a country boy raised in the same streets in Montgomery, Alabama that inspired the Civil Rights Era. Dale ‘Rambro’ Ramsey who has worked with everyone from Jay-Z & U.G.K., Scarface, Ludacris, Justin Timberlake to The Temptations, was impressed enough by the producer who can both rap and sing that he mixed and engineered his current single, ‘Let It Go’.

In an effort to fulfill his dream of making in it the music business, Cedric moved to Atlanta. The relocation quickly paid off as he had the opportunity to work with many established artists such as Khudjoe Goodie (Goodie Mob), Trick Daddy and Bonecrusher on yet-to-be-released tracks. All of his tracks come from deep inside his soul. Though his early life experiences led him to pursue a career as a singer, songwriter and producer, it was his bounce in his tracks that garnered him the most attention. It was that bounce and his work with local artist in the ATL area earned him that name he is known by now – Tigga Bounce.

At an early age Cedric L. Wright discovered that his music inclination and talent was his first love. He began his vocal training at the young and tender age of 9 in the back room of his grandmother's house where the stylings of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Isley Brothers provided the soundtrack to his youth. This self-discovery of a love and passion for music led to a local singing group named ‘The Truth’, Cedrick and 3 other members performed locally singing occasionally doing backgrounds for several concert tours including the legendary Patti Labelle. The group later broke up in pursuits of solo deals.

It was then Cedric learned two important things from his early performance experiences, he had what it takes vocally and his experience as a trombone player at Alabama State University had given him some well needed insight on the structure and composition of music. Cedric is current working his current single to radio and DJs and is working on a compilation album titled Blue Collah Musik.

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