Artist Tom has been honing his skills in both songwriting and singing for several years to perfect the positive messages he is eager to spread through the melodies of music. As a naturally-born performer, Tom feels at home on stage, loving his storytelling role of sharing his messages with a rapidly growing fanbase. His new drop, Precious Heart, details the story of a beautiful relationship that didn’t work out, sending the couple in different directions before any more pain was induced. As a folk-pop song, it is constructed from the acoustic guitar, midi piano, vocals, and shaker to hit the authenticity and vulnerability that the artist wanted to execute. Tom’s raw and reflective vocals help audiences think back to their own past relationships, allowing them to connect with the music through relatability.

Describing his sound as vibrant, soothing, strong, and emotional, Tom can project serious and emotional experiences that one may come across throughout life wrapped up in the tight talent of music. As a developing artist, Tom was influenced by classic big names including Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, Dean Lewis, Shawn Mendes, and Michael Bublé. Tom admits that he aspires to collaborate with Ed Sheeran or even Justin Bieber in the future, hoping to make his mark further in the music industry. Currently listening to Olivia Rodrigo, Tom admires the realness in her lyrics, hoping to give his own listeners as much of an experience as Rodrigo gives hers. Surrounding himself in this multitude of talents has allowed Tom to expand and shape his sound, setting him on a strong path for his music career. This artist loves busking at his local town centre due to its relaxed nature, helping him to develop his craft whilst sharing his love for music with others.

When approaching a new song, Tom often writes when he is relaxed, potentially feeding into the soothing nature of his crafted melodies. He admits his lyrics can come randomly, although usually starts with a chord progression to construct a melody and theme that matches this sound. This artist strives to demonstrate his passion for this process further by producing his own music at home, working hard on a project before hiring someone to mix and master each track. Tom claims that staying true to your sound is essential in this process, although welcomes experimentation to really allow a song to express itself.

With a promise for an EP release coming within the next year, Tom is pushing the boundaries of his musical abilities to set himself into a successful music field. Also using social media to find new fans and project himself further, this artist appreciates any listener that takes the time to consider his fresh and fun sounds. Stayed tuned on social networks for more talent to come from Tom soon!

Listen to Precious Heart today on SoundCloud.

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