Tony Touch - Biography

Tony Touch aka Tony Toca from New York City, who is of Puerto Rican descent is one of the few Hip-Hop stars to crossover from the underground to mainstream acceptance without loosing his rep and loosing his original audience. He has continued DJing in clubs throughout the world and on stage for artists such as Eminem, Terror Squad & Guru.

He has worked with many groups and rappers as Funkdoobiest, Cocoa Brovaz and Cypress Hill, and has a longtime affiliation with New York-based B-boy association the Rock Steady Crew. He is known for his mix tapes, in particular the legendary "50 MC" tapes put out in the mid 90s, each of which featured original freestyle verses from more than 50 MCs, covering nearly the entire underground hip hop scene of the era.

His ability to cross genres and garner fans from all sides is not only demonstrated by his touring with underground star J-Sands of Lone Catalysts but through his invovement is the Raggaeton movement that can be traced right back to the sounds roots through his residency @ Puerto Rico’s Noise club that generated the sound. One thing is for sure, with this fearless DJ on the decks there will be no hiding place on the dance-floor!

Tony Touch

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