Mxtty Holmes - Toxic Love

Released in March, ‘Toxic Love‘ by Mxtty Holmes is a Part 2 of his project “The Toxic Love Mixtape”. The story of this song is that the red flags were clear but the ability to walk away wasn’t. Part 2 of the Toxic Love Mixtape, amplifies the importance of knowing when to walk away. Even though all the red flags were there, Matty Holmes still decided to pursue the same type of love he attempted time and time again.

He says, ‘No one is pointing fingers, but it takes two to tango. Sometimes to make things work one of the two need to have their shit together. Nobody falls in love quicker than a narcissist looking for somewhere to live, and nobody falls in love after just getting out of a long term relationship unless they’re a little messed up’.

By the sounds of the lyrics from this song, things ended before they even started. However, Matty Holmes didn’t want to give up, he wanted to figure out what he had to do to make her love him. They moved in together and he proposed, and this is where the story really begins…

The artist’s life wasn’t an option for him if he wanted her in his life, and if her insane accusations weren’t an obvious enough sign that she was carrying guilt. He sensed toxic love and he just couldn’t stay away.

Fans can connect with this song because loving blindly is something a lot of people experience in their life. It is easy to get lost in the sauce when it comes to love. It is easier said than done but learning to be happy alone can prevent a lot of bad relationships. It is when relying on others for our happiness, that we become a target for toxic relationships. 

Listen to ‘Toxic Love’ on Youtube.

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