BabyLingo - Trenches

‘Trenches’ by BabyLingo is about drug-related struggles in life. The artist says, ‘Growing up in Dayton, Ohio was hard. People dying and getting locked up left and right. And even with all the bad things, my city supports you when you are trying to do something good. That’s why I love the trenches. Not because I glorify drugs and death, but I used that as a common idea to relate to my fans‘. BabyLingo believes that his fans connect with his songs because of the way he put them together. For example, people that know the artist don’t always know that he does music until they hear it, and then they are amazed at how he can make songs. ‘Fans also can connect to the struggle. In this song, I talk about the trenches. Where drugs and death are happening. This is happening in a lot of cities, not just mine. That is why I know that my fans can connect with this song’.

The artist has a melodic, up-beat tempo type of sound. Although his Ad-Libs are more up-beat, he balances it out with a smooth low tone voice most of the time. The artist rarely sits down to write music, he mostly just gets in the studio and starts freestyling. Once he catches the vibe and gets loose, a new song is born. BabyLingo says that music brings his lyrics to life and fills it with more meaning.

BabyLingo’s biggest influence is his brother. He died at a young age and he was always making music. 

At the moment the artist is listening to Pooh Shiesty, Lil Durk and Detroit music. He likes Detroit music because of the beat selection. It’s very chaotic yet organized.

In the near future BabyLingo will be releasing singles with music videos because he wants to be in front of his fans’ faces as much as possible. Maybe after a little ‘buzz’, he will start working on an EP.

The artist sends a message to all his fans and supporters, ‘Keep listening to everything I drop and I promise, you won’t regret it. Let me know everything you like and dislike. Talk to me, let’s interact’.

Listen to ‘Trenches’ on Apple Music.

BabyLingo - Trenches

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