Tribal East - Family Tree

Tribal East has successfully managed to earn itself a loyal fanbase after creating an international buzz both with in-person shows and online music videos. After the Tribal East members’ shared hometown, Hargeisa in Somalia, and shared passion for music brought them together, this rap collective has never looked back since. They produce unique vibes with a combination of catchy melodic hooks, feel-good sounds, and versatile rap verses to hit that contemporary pop potential. Being authentic with every track that they drop, Tribal East continues to have fans hanging onto every new release with fresh, highly-anticipated excitement.

With Tribal East being influenced by big names including Kanye West, Drake, Tupac, AZ, and J Cole, just to name a few, it’s no surprise that the group has managed to adopt the talent displayed by other artists out there in order to further their career. The group continues to listen to these artists amongst others, constantly shaping their sound as they go. All You Need, their second single off The Family Tree, features a female vocalist, Sado, to add to the feel-good vibes created. Focusing on an early 2000s hip-hop and R&B fusion, the nostalgic sounds make any listener want to break out into song and dance, especially since the song includes relatable lyrics – after all, everyone wants to be in love and loved back. The two verses of rap add to the intrigue of the track to mix things up, contributing to the song’s role as a mood enhancer.

To kick things off when Tribal East first create a track, they commonly pick a beat to freestyle on, building up the concepts, hooks, and lyrics along the way to create a perfect fusion in music. They collaborate with producers to finalise their tracks. Both the band and the producers have been working tirelessly to produce Tribal East’s album, The Family Tree, which will feature their fresh single, All You Need. It’s clear that we will be seeing more of this authentic rap collective soon, with them continuing to perform in cities across the globe, creating memorable and deep experiences wherever they go. Admitting that they would love to collaborate with some of their inspirations such as Drake and J Cole in the future, perhaps they will be making even more of a mark on the music industry shortly.

Tribal East has learned to reach out to fans to expand their audience on social media, taking our digitally-driven age to their advantage as they continue to develop music each time they step into a studio. They claim that their album is worth the wait, so listeners should stay tuned for what Tribal East has to offer very soon!

Listen to All You Need today on YouTube.

Tribal East - Family Tree

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