TyviOctober is  a music artist from Philadelphia who has a love for LoFi and EDM. He started out with Hip Hop Dance before moving into making music. Dancing and creating music has been his passion since early adolescence. He bursted into the music scene with his first warmly received single “Crazy Life“, with the follow-up EP “Beat Around Da Bush“.

He tries to come more into himself by developing his sound by way of each project. He first writes the lyrics, then as he raps the song back to himself he hums the beat in his head.  As hard working rappers do, he then gets working on making that beat come to life. He has a team of producers and beatmakers who work diligently with him on each track, as he navigates his way along a separate but conjoined mission of making visual contents.

His song “Beat Around Da Bush” is an instrumental with a lofi feeling beat. It has a very chill vibe to it, which everyone is in dire needs of – especially right now.  It’s also for the people who just genuinely enjoy having some reliably chill music in their playlist.  Keep your sights on him, he’s a wavemaker at heart.

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