Uncle Nameless

Born and raised in Melbourne, Uncle Nameless grew up surrounded by music, busking and living off live street performances with his old man. By six, he was playing classical flamenco and blues guitar and later learnt to play drums. He started making beats when he was 16 and started rapping around 17. He spent a lot of his time digging and sampling records with an MPC, particularly rare psychedelic music from the late 60s and early 70s. That has had a big influence on his style and sound now.

Growing up, he became fascinated with hip-hop culture and rap music. He taught himself to record and mix with Ableton. He spent three years living in a trvp house where he did a lot of experimenting and slowly crafted his sound. After meeting Morris B in 2019, he decided to take a shot at the music industry. He leased a warehouse and built his own studio and from there, working to make his vision a reality and establishing the Decent Company Collective. His friends have been calling him Nameless since he was 16 but ‘Uncle’ (defined as one who helps, advises or encourages) was added to his name later because of the role he plays in bringing people together and helping them out with their music.

All of his tracks vary in style, but overall it’s a combination of hip hop, soul, alternative rap and trap music. Since he grew up listening to psychedelic rock, his songs often have a psychedelic / alternative undertone. His image as an artist is based on self love, self empowerment and independence. His lyrical content is focused around being real and giving a raw, unfiltered insight to his thoughts and lifestyle. To him, music isn’t a subject of good or bad, it’s just about being yourself. Hence, his music is a reflection of him and his lifestyle, from the days he was struggling to his passion for music now.

Sovereign” is a song by Uncle Nameless featuring Killah Priest. The theme of the song is based on conscious and spiritual topics that his father is known for teaching. Last year, a member of Wu-Tang (Killah Priest) invited his father to their podcast. They later played Uncle Nameless’s songs and called him live on the show. They talked about collaborating on a track and “Sovereign” was soon created. Wu-Tang has had a major influence on hip-hop across the world and for an independent artist like Uncle Nameless to work with them is a big deal.

The theme of the song is deep, spiritual and anti-political topics as well what some would call ‘conspiracy’ topics. The lyrics are powerful and have a lot of depth to someone who appreciates either these topics, or this style of underground hiphop. The way he produces his music is influenced by 90s hip-hop, trap music and underground rap in general. Some artists that have had a big impact on him as an artist are WuTang, Guru (Gangstarr), Jedi Mind Tricks, Sha Hef, IAMDDB, Portishead, Sevdeliza, Chynna Rogers, Isaiah Rashaad, J Cole & Dreamville, ASAP Rocky and ASAP Mob.

His songwriting process starts with making a beat. The melody has to relate to his current mood. When he has a melody he likes, he starts freestyling. He usually has a hook or a vocal melody written down and recorded even before he is halfway through making the beat. Then he moves on to composing/structuring the music and writing or recording the rest of the lyrics. He is mostly self-produced but sometimes, other engineers have helped him finish some projects.

The artist said: “I like the whole process of creating a song, from writing and recording to producing and mixing. The only thing I don’t do myself is mastering and video production, which I rely on my team (Decent Company Music) for”.

Although he hasn’t performed in many places yet, he’s excited to start performing soon. He would also love to collaborate with ASAP Rocky or J Cole one day. He is working on an EP for next year (2022) so fans should stay tuned because he likes to speak and communicate with them through his songs.

Listen to ‘Sovereign’ by Uncle Nameless on YouTube.

Uncle Nameless

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