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Verbal Skillz is a old school UK emcee from just outside Guildford in Surrey. He started making music in 2012 with good friend and scratch DJ / Producer DJ Stix. After being a massive fan of real hip hop from his early teens, he was inspired by rap greats like Rakim, Cool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Gangstarr, Masta Ace, KRS one, Marley Marl, Pete Rock, Nas, Wu-Tang and many other giants from the late 80s early 90s, and he decided to start writing his own bars.

With help from Stix, he built a home studio for his close friend and started to make hip hop. His style is a mix of clever lyrics, deep story lines with a real talk, straight up flow. When asked to talk on his musical style Verbal Skillz commented, "I keep the subjects real to me and my life and try to have a message or story underlined through most of my tracks, with my view of the world around me". Though Skillz does spit bars with throw down, bragedocious type lyrics, you'll never hear him talking about being 'up in da club, drinking crystal, chopsing big titty dames, while waving my diamonds in the sky"! He continued stating that, "I want to make beats I would listen to and come across clear but hard, yet at the same time people will hear and understand what I'm chatting about".

His first piece of work was an EP called 'Dark Days'. A dark tale of a misspent youth where Verbal spent time in jail after breaking the law for armed robbery. The jail time made him look into himself and find the real man inside, hence his straight up real talk style. Not trying to glamourise this stage of his life, it was an expressive effort to get him on the road to being a respected, fire spitting emcee.

Straight after the release of 'Dark Days' he started writing his first full LP 'The Guillotine Album', again with production from DJ Stix. The album aimed to be full of the classic style of hip hop Verbal liked as a kid, with great beats, clever hooks and samples, laced with clever tight lyrics throughout, topped of with the silky skills and scratching from DJ Stix.

Verbal Skillz

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