Versus - The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]

Matt Anderson a.k.a. –VersuS– a.k.a. "Juggernaut" is the youngest of 4 boys that grew up in Jefferson Farms, New Castle, DE., America. "If I wasn’t getting my ass whipped by my Pops, my brothers would do it!" So as a young boy -VS- took to living the life of the streets: fighting, drugs, robbing anything to get money.

Having getting recognized by 1 of his tattoos, -VS- was hit with an 18 month stint for two 1st degree robberies as a juvenile. Once released -VS- again turned to the only thing he knew was the streets! During 1997 outside of Jefferson Farms, -VersuS – got into a situation where he ended up being stabbed by some older kats from the area after an all out brawl. Later that same year -VS- was a part of a large theft ring that would "Steal anything that wasn’t tied down."

Versus - The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]Once again getting caught and charged with 286 charges (took all the blame himself) -VS- found himself in a bad situation: take a plea for 18 months or go to trial? With his court appointed attorney he chose the 18 month plea, not knowing that that was only half of the charges!

Months later & another lawyer the State offered yet another plea of 8 years suspended for 4 years. With NO options -VS- had to accept the agreement so he could see his GREATEST accomplishment sooner, his daughter.

Serving 5 1/2 years straight stretch in Smyrna State Prison, in which 1 1/2 years was spent in the Super Maximum for bad behaviour; -VS- had a lot of time to think. He knew from that point forward that music was his goal.

Fast forward to 2006….Hosted by DJ Kay Slay….-VersusS- "The Juggernaut" featuring some of the hottest MC’s in the game Dipset’s Hell Rell, JR Writer, Bezel, & the Roc’s Philadelphia Freeway. Having his dream by the tail, -VersuS- is close to accomplishing his life long! But REMEMBER these 3 things: Everything you hear in his music he has done, will do to you, or has been through it!

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