Volt Dynamo - Mono E Mono

Making music is a safe space for electronic musician Volt Dynamo. His songs not only help him, but they also help other people who listen and relate to it. His sound is heavy and melodic and is influenced by deadmau5, NIN and a lot of other bands. Besides electronic music, the artist plays the guitar too!

Mono E Mono” is a high energy electronic track that is sonically pleasing, with a solid arrangement and mix. It began as a play on ‘Man on Man’, but he then discovered that it has a funny meaning in Japanese, so he just went with that, もの え もの, as the title. When listening to this song the incredible energy and quality of the mix will definitely leave audiophiles and bassheads satisfied. It’s also bound to get the listeners up on their feet and dancing.

Volt Dynamo does all his own production but sometimes people send him loops, samples and even plugins! Most of his drums are sample based though. His songwriting process usually starts with a melody either in his DAW or at the piano, and then everything flows out of that chord progression or melody.

The artist’s dream is to work with and learn from deadmau5, one of his musical influences, some day. Lately, he’s been digging Bless the Fall as their music is melodic with electronic vibes and heavy breakdowns, a lot similar to his own sound. Volt Dynamo’s favourite performance was at the Purple Fest in London because he used to live there for some time, plus playing in front of 5000 people was definitely a surreal experience.

Social media is a great way for him to communicate new releases, tour dates, ticket purchase links etc. It has made being “in” with a band or artist super accessible. So stay tuned for Volt Dynamo’s new releases because he’s got some cool tracks coming out soon and is hopeful to release an LP in the future if a label supports him!

Listen to ‘Mono E Mono’ by Volt Dynamo on YouTube and Spotify.

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