Wade Wilson

Clear determination and pure talent have led artist Wade Wilson through the chaos of the 2020s, who manages to capture different personas and crucial themes in his work with an astounding set of vocals. With an inviting stage presence, Wilson is one of the talents populating the East Coast underground music landscape, helping his audiences reflect on the realities of the present, the pain of the past, and the unknown of the future. The project that Wilson has been working tirelessly on, Chop House, involes a collaboration between himself and Serbian producer, Kiza G, and features tracks such as Mantra w intro. Overflowing with powerful feels and emotions, this project attracts fans from all over the world, with certain people identifying with the stories told by Wilson through music.

Influenced by Sean Price, Kurt Cobain, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, My Chemical Romance, and Johnny Cash amongst others, Wade Wilson has been inspired to push the boundaries of his own music by looking up to these world-class talents. Currently, this artist is listening to Stove God Cooks and Mach Hommy, who he describes as displaying diverse artistic ways to approach the world around us. Aspiring to collaborate with these artists, Wilson also mentions working with Fall Out Boy in the future would be a dream. By looking up to so many artists, it is, therefore, no surprise that Wilson’s sound is unique in itself. Capturing tones of punk emo, hip-hop, East Coast, and indie alternative, Wilson incorporates his influences into his music to shape his own sound.

Whilst performing in Wonderville in Bushwick was one of Wilson’s all-time favourite performances, the hard work put into the process of making his songs needs to be considered first. Wilson admits that before getting up on stage with the finished product, his songs mostly start with writing down sparks of ideas with bars and rhyming patterns. Using music to help him create the mood of each song, Wilson then assembles the track, admitting that he’s often done production by himself. However, like with Chop House, Wilson is open to collaborating with other producers for big projects.

With Wilson working continuously on his new project, Chop House, anticipating fans can be sure to welcome more music from this fresh artist very soon. Stay tuned on social media for updates on Wade Wilson’s career. This musician is humbled by the idea that he wouldn’t have been able to get this far in his career without his fans. This makes any form of support, whether this is online or in-person, welcomed wholly to help this artist continue to make his mark on music.

Listen to Mantra w intro today on SoundCloud.

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