Scott Joye

Scott Joye* has written many songs. The artist describes his sound as unique, powerful and rhythmic. Some of his musical influences are Michael Jackson, Prince, Kenny Lattimore, Janet Jackson, Gladys Knight and Bono. When you mix the sounds of such diverse and legendary artists, you get something truly remarkable.

His song “We Can Make It To The Top” currently has 220,000 streams on Spotify. It is a groundbreaking song with a positive attitude and a unique vibe. The song appeared on “Girlfriends”, the sought-after UPN/CW show. The song is about the musical history of Disneyland and was made at the time of its anniversary. It’s realistic and encourages the listeners to keep working for their dreams and never look back because they have it in themselves to make their dreams a reality.

The artist uses real life experiences as inspiration for his music, like meeting someone new or how you’re feeling in the middle of the night. This is why he likes to have a recorder next to his bed at all times; he can think of lyrics at any time and he has to note them down immediately. He does most of the songwriting and in his mind, he knows what kind of music he wants with those lyrics, which makes it easier to find the right beat and produce the song.

Scott is looking to work on his upcoming album with some powerful producers who love music and have a sound that is everlasting.

Once he can start performing, he’d like to perform in Ibiza, Spain, Germany, Harlan, London and especially his motherland, Africa. He also dreams to collaborate with Gladys Knight and Kenny Lattimore on tracks with a smooth sound one day.

He enjoys listening to koop smooth jazz beats, so he’s currently playing ‘Bad Behaviors’ by Smalltown DJs.

Social media broadens the horizons for the music industry. Not only is it an important way to connect with fans and promote music, but it’s also something that everyone loves to use. So, the artist says that his supporters should follow him on all their favourite social media websites to be able to reach out to him easily. He also wants to give a message to all his listeners, which is to keep working and never give up on your dreams!

Listen to ‘We Can Make It To The Top’ by Scott Joye* on Youtube.

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