Casey - Why Oh Why

Why Oh Why‘ by Casey was inspired by a time when the artist was failing to pay loans for school because all the money he had went on creating music. The artist admits, ‘I was too stubborn to ask for help with my payments, and I was also struggling with my grades. I was up late one night wondering, why I was even in this position, was it even worth the struggle‘. Casey believes that his fans can really connect with the song lyrics. A lot of people have struggled with the feeling of their time being wasted on doing something, even though they loved it once.

When creating music, Casey tries to connect many different genres to sound fresh and unique. He uses a lot of his influences and tries to ball them up into one when creating songs, but his main musical influence is Dominic Fike with whom the artist would love to collaborate.

The songwriting process for the artist starts with how the music makes him feel. He says, ‘I very rarely have lyrics prepared before a beat is made. I’ll pick up my guitar, close my eyes, and let my feelings take over. I don’t guide the music, the music guides me. Once I have the sound, I can start writing‘.

Even though nothing is certain, right now Casey is working on a narrative based EP and trying to get more features on his album, so his fans should look forward to that.

Casey says that his fans are the reason why he is able to get up in the morning. He loves and appreciates everyone who has listened to his music at least once. ‘I am a part of this amazing and loving community that I will never deserve. This is just the start so enjoy the ride!’

Listen to ‘Why Oh Why’ on Spotify.

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