X-Shai - Skin Color

Ernest Abitih who is known by his stage name X-Shai is a singer-songwriter from Ghana. He came to the US in 2010 to follow his dream to become an artist. X- Shai started writing songs in January 2017 and recorded his first song “Never Loose” within the same month. When X-Shai is not writing or recording, he enjoys travelling, outdoor activities, and reading.

He recently came out with the song ‘Skin Color’ that makes the audience face an important question in the context of colorism. The song is about inclusivity, told through a compelling lyrical verse, encouraging society to embrace each person in all of their glory. Racial difference based on skin color is one of the biggest ills of society. The artist has thematically placed this very idea through a compelling production and an intense lyrical stream. Reflecting upon the issue of racism, he addresses love and compassion through his music and motivates his audience to accept people irrespective of skin color and race. X-Shai believes that his fans will relate to this song because it was inspired by his personal life experiences. This song is unique, catchy and full of love.

The artist wrote this song while being in jail during the pandemic time. He wanted to inspire people and make them understand that we can still love one another regardless of our skin color. After he got released from jail, X-Shai did not waste any time and went to record this single straight away.

X-Shai is looking forward to releasing his album later this year and is working closely with his producer Michael Polk.

The artist wants to thank all of his fans for listening and supporting his music.

Listen to ‘Skin Color’ on YouTube.


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