Young Money

Tha Young Money Boy is the mastermind behind this Black Soprano UK movement and the leader of the Bout Dat Warriorz. He started rapping from the age of 8 after being taught by his big homie who was well known and respected locally and appeared on many features with Pato Banton as well as other Birmingham based artists.

He rapped his 1st ever freestyle rap as a youngster on "Choice 102.2 fm (now Galaxy) and won the 1st prize for his talented efforts. Whilst studying the rap game from a youngster’s standpoint he entered the Jungle and the UK Garage scenes briefly making mixtapes, doing shows, which all helped to add to his mic presence but having hip hop in his bloodline he found himself rapping on garage beats as apposed to MC’ing which is when he realized it was going to be a strictly hip hop thing for him.

Young MoneyFrom here “Young $lim” proceeded to put forward a solo effort entitled "Trapped In the Game" recorded on a karaoke machine in his bedroom straight to a tape and it was a success locally garnering him some recognition. He then started making Home videos of his freestyles and gave them out and the response was BIG. After this $lim took some time out and watched how the direction of the hip hop industry was moving, after importing videos & CDs from the states and paying attention to the local rap artists his rap style changed from a more flashy (stunter) artist to a more street based/political rhymer.

He then hooked up with H-Bomb and his close cousin Hurricane-C they began making tapes and videos and people in the local areas opened up to them recognising there talent. $lim formed Bout Dat Recordz and soon after Dramacydal Entertainment, later he brought in Tha Bout Dat Warriorz as a group to solidify how tight the U.K. underground movement is!!

$lim says "I can sit back and proudly say I'm a 18 year vet I'm calm in the game right now I may not have sold any millions but its all about the music to me, I've did over 150 songs in a few short months I've spent time out in NYC from Downtown Manhattan to Queens to Harlem to Broadway grinding in the hood, I've made worldwide and local affiliates Such as S.A.S. (UK Diplomats), Dino West (New No Limit/Guttar Music) and even G-Unit Rapper Young Buck has given me props on my game so If I could do it all again I wouldn't change a thing".

Young MoneyWhen asked bout the Americanisms of his rap style $lim simply states “I’m not a UK Rapper, I Rap from the UK. I’d describe my music as BIO-RAP for those that don’t understand that its “British Interpretation Of Rhythmical American Poetry”, my sound is not your enemy and nobody cant tell stories of my life and surroundings but me having spend time out of state and growing up on hearing that kind of rap I’ve always rapped like this I just got to get in where I fit in”.

Look for “Young Money” to be a major success as he is working for Tim Westwood and the colonel has been making underground moves and calculated business steps…

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