Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson

Down to the River is a new single from Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson, earning a spot on his unreleased EP as an origin song. Connecting with fans with its raw meaning, this artist provokes reflection by focusing on the upbringing struggles that people deal with. Describing the break away from the family nest, Tillotson manages to encapsulate a push and pull experience, linking to the fact that everybody wants to escape sometimes. The artist uses the river as his special place to escape to whilst always remembering who he is and where he came from. Whilst the meaning of this song is certainly deep, this doesn’t take away from the good vibes produced by Tillotson’s writing style and beat.

This artist’s sound captures a mix of psychedelic soul, space country, and blues to share his messages. Whilst being raised on gospel country, blues, and rock, it’s clear to see that a range of genres bleeds through his talented tracks to create the end, unique product. Tillotson was also influenced by a range of artists as well as genres, with Led Zeppelin, Chris Stapleton, and Fred McDowell being just a few that he mentions. Tillotson still dreams of collaborating with Chris Stapleton as one of his long-time heroes, admired by the proof that music doesn’t have to be complicated to hit the spot. Determined to surround himself in music further, this artist is currently listening to Marcus King, appreciating the talented arrangements. With so much music to turn to, younger generations can expect to turn to Tillotson shortly as an inspiration of his own!

As a Mississippi-based country-blues crossover artist, Tillotson was raised on Jesus by musical influences within the church. He did indeed start in a church choir, although quickly moved onto the drums in his teen years, playing with a range of regional and national acts such as Eric Deaton. Later, with his passion for music burning ever stronger, Tillotson started experimenting with the guitar and has been incorporating it into his music ever since. The artist was even the 2020 winner of the Unsigned Only and International Songwriting Comptetition, displaying his development in talent as the years went by.

With the songwriting process depending on the song for this artist, Tillotson often freestyles with words until an idea sticks, although sometimes already has a theme in mind. He claims that his inspiration can come from anywhere, a mark of a truly creative artist. Working tirelessly to bring Down to the River to life, Tillotson collaborated with Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Recordings to finalise the production of the track.

With an EP coming shortly, it’s clear that we can expect more from this growing artist as he continues to make bold moves in music. Using social media has also been crucial for Tillotson to connect with fans, venues, and agents to develop his career even further. With the online world and Tillotson’s loving and supporting fanbase both ever-growing, stay tuned for this artist’s new music drops soon!

Listen to Down to the River today on YouTube.

Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson

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