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Blade’s own habel back from his earliest releases right up to today. It has been in hibernation for a while, but is re-launched in 2003.

Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20070202161626/http://www.blade691.com/


Email: info@blade691.com



Address: P.O. Box 48017, London, SE2 9YQ

Artist Roster: Blade,

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DJ Grazzhoppa

DJ Grazzhoppa

Whetting the appetite for this year's release of Intricate Moves Vol 2, created by Belgium's very own scratch king DJ Grazzhoppa, Chess Move Cartel has made available a free download single and promo mix. Weezy from Chess Move finds out more about the album, and the Grazzhoppa empire, in conversation with the man himself...

Blade Last Ever Live Performance

Blade Last Ever Live Performance

Blade will be performing his last ever live performance next saturday, 7th October 2006. After years of recording and performing, Blade now announces this to be his last ever performance, but says he will continue to record for fun and see what happens. The venue is small so only a limited number of tickets are available.

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