It’s just been a natural progression in music working mighty hard to get the Aerosolik label of the ground. From day one being brought up on Jazz.

Aerosolik represent a hard working, honest Hip Hop outfit, self sufficient in the making of a product from start to finishever increasing outfit rippling and growing large. Aims are to help everyone who comes in to contact with us and to put out good music. We are a blip trying to get heard out there, It’s Hard.




Phone: 07831 492 885



Artist Roster: Hoodee, GR Collective, Percy Filth, Fat Robert,

Percy Filth - Elbow Grease EP [Aerosolik / Eat Good]

Percy Filth – Elbow Grease EP [Aerosolik / Eat Good]

Why should you buy Elbow Grease? Well it kicks off with a collaboration surely every UK Hip Hop head wanted to hear - SonnyJim and Foregin Beggars on the big and bouncy Out To Getcha anybody? Percy Filth doesn't let up in quality of production or guest calibre - next up it's about-to-return Juice Aleem, Madflow and Lotek on Electronic Music which somehow manages to use digital sounds on a track reminiscent of the 90s era.

DJ Samo

DJ Samo – See You After The Break CD [New Bias]

DJ Samo is a party DJ from Cornwall in the South West, but is originally from Scarborough, who is well known for playing hype live sets. Recently he appears to have hooked up with MC Carpetface, but before that coming out on Aerosolik records DJ Samo has produced a couple of mix CDs which are hot to def. The first one which I peeped was See You After The Break which is 1 hour and a quarter of funky sounds.

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