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Top notch UK Hip Hop all produced and cut up by Jabba Tha Kut feat. 2 of the best up and coming emcees, ‘Salvo’ and ‘Suicyde’… Jabba also produces beats for Blade / Micall Parknsun / Dubbledge / Kashmere / Suicyde etc. Peep also:




Phone: 07793239198


Address: 5 Fullers Ave, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 9EB

Artist Roster: Phobia, Smokey, Jabba Tha Cut, Modulok, Bare Beats,

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Bare Beats - A Spare Minute [Audio]

Bare Beats – A Spare Minute [Audio]

With the up and coming release of Modulok & Bare Beats 'Two Cities', Beats is dropping a free promo CD & digital download of some exclusive tracks and remixes. Eight tracks deep, this mini album is straight up head nodding magic, Beats keeping it raw & gritty as always with all the mc’s fitting the project tightly.

Modulok And Bare Beats - Two Cities Cd [Bare Records]

Modulok And Bare Beats – Two Cities Cd [Bare Records]

“Hip hop’s not dead, just a couple of people need a smack in the head”. These are the lines you need to learn off by heart the next time somebody confronts you with some hip hop hatred, as opposed to the full on (stay on the train and listen to me - I seriously don’t care if you’ll miss your stop) Nino rant. Modulok and Bare Beats are concise and straight to the point in a way, let’s face it, most MCs can’t even silently wave a mike at.

Bare Records Free LP Download

Bare Records Free LP Download

Bare Smoke’ are back, with a little present for you all. Since their collaboration on Smokey’s highly acclaimed debut album, ‘Words From The Missing’, the duo have been working hard to put together a selection of dark tracks, highly influenced by bass heavy Jazz, dark side Drum ‘n’ Bass and various atmospheric film scores.

Smokey - Words From The Missing 12

Smokey – Words From The Missing 12″ [Bare]

Following the release of his debut solo single - Road Zombies, Smokey is now dropping a double, 10 track deep, EP - Words From The Missing. Production on the EP is courtesy of East London based duo, Bare Smoke... half Smokey & half Bare Beats. Bare Smokes unique blend of banging drums, cut-up samples, live instruments and killer bass lines will make your gut spasm.

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