Broke Records

Broke Records is a London based label that offers regular releases of hard-hitting boom bap and modern soul. Home to artists like Archetype, Luca Brazi and The Moose Funk Squad. Broke since 2013.






Address: London

Artist Roster: Archetype, Luca Brazi, Moose Funk Squad, Deeflux, Kraze, Helsinki Booze Merchants, Joe Represci,

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Moose Funk Squad - 2One

Moose Funk Squad – 2One [Video]

Full Moose Funk Squad on display here led by Jester Jacobs and Archetype for some filthy rhymes. The track 2One is described as an official documentary is taken from National Geographic Shit - the new seven track EP. Production brought by Luca Brazi for some gambino type guitar riff as the lads clearly describe both their capabilities and failings.

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