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Eat Good Records is a Birmingham, UK based Hip Hop label established 2008. Originally the main vehicle for Sonnyjim, the label is now home to artists including Redbeard, Kosyne, Taharka, Kelakovski, RTKAL, Percy Filth and TLG.






Address: Birmingham, UK

Artist Roster: Kosyne, Redbeard, Percy Filth, Gen Uchiha, Booda French, Sonnyjim, TLG, Taharka, Kelakovski, RTKAL,

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Jack Danz and Lego - Funbags MP3 [Defenders Of Style]

Welcome to 2012: January in Review

The last few years have proven to be some of the finest in the history of British hip-hop, with the ever increasing number of solid emcees emerging, and with them some premier independent record labels that continue to flourish with every passing day. The sheer volume of commendable releases from last year alone was a sure sign that things only continue to get bigger and better for UK hip-hop enthusiasts, and that someday soon hopefully the mainstream industry will catch up and wise up to what they've been missing out on.

Percy Filth - Elbow Grease EP [Aerosolik / Eat Good]

Percy Filth – Elbow Grease EP [Aerosolik / Eat Good]

Why should you buy Elbow Grease? Well it kicks off with a collaboration surely every UK Hip Hop head wanted to hear - SonnyJim and Foregin Beggars on the big and bouncy Out To Getcha anybody? Percy Filth doesn't let up in quality of production or guest calibre - next up it's about-to-return Juice Aleem, Madflow and Lotek on Electronic Music which somehow manages to use digital sounds on a track reminiscent of the 90s era.



I've not been up on my interview game in the last few weeks so I thought it was about time I brought you some more words from a few rappers and the like. Hopefully you already clocked the ABD interview and if you're reading this, you're about to check out the words of another MC - Truth:



Aidan Severs of Certified Banger caught up with SonnyJim a Brummie battle rapper who previously had out his Soul Trader EP. Now he is inked with Dented Records and is pushing his latest work, the Trading Standards mix CD. Read on to find out where he has come from and what it is like to be on the edge of something big.

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